The Municipality of Milo

With its 1,100 inhabitants, Milo sits on the east side of Mount Etna at an altitude of 750 meters.

Its territory, characterized by green woods, chestnut grooves, orchards, vineyards, is of great naturalistic interest and falls entirely within Mount Etna’s Park.
Its geographic location, on the first wall of the Volcano makes it a panoramic window over the ionic coastline, from Augusta to Taormina, therefor it’s the ideal base for those who love the mountain, but [...]

The village of Fornazzo

Built on the highest point, from its 800 meters, Fornazzo is the last outpost before the taking the mountain road and diving into the woods of Cerrita.

The small borough was formed during the first years of the century, around the interest raised from some activities deeply connected to the nature of the location, wood manufacturing and snow marketing. The first inhabitants scattered in the zone were lumberjacks and woodcutters attracted by the presence of endless [...]

The History

There was a time in which proud knights with shiny armors and long cloaks climbed through the impervious paths, which from Catania took to a small church on the mountain dedicated to Saint Andrew Apostle and lived there to restore their spirit and health. Barons, bishops and powerful Sicilians climbed riding a mule or a horse to the Acqua di Iu Milu, to talk to Giovanni d’Aragona, duke of Randazzo, Atene and Neopatria, and highest political authority in Sicily. This Giovanni, king [...]

Tradition and work

The most ancient traditions of this small ethnic center are deeply connected to the typical working activities and the religious holidays, which since their origins took place around the small church devoted to Saint Andrew. The first families settled in Milo and Fornazzo devoted themselves particularly to the woodcutting, the manufacturing of wood and coal production, an activity that to this day still exist even if with a lesser total economic impact. The manufacturing of [...]

Typical Products

Wine and volcano, a natural pairing, almost inevitable. The force of the volcanoes immediately makes you think of the fullness of the wine, with its infinite shades and seems to play in the tone of the liquid that we pour in the glass. However, in Milo, this parallelism gets richer with an unexpected variation. In fact, around here the finest wine is pale yellow, bright, clear, with a dry taste, round, not highly alcoholic. But how, you might be asking, where’s the force of [...]