Immersed in the silence of Baron’s Woods in the middle of the old vineyard of the contrada Caselle. Welcome!

Baita dell’Abbaino. It is called “skylight” for the suggestive environment of the bedroom. It also has a large open space with kitchen in the ground floor, two bathrooms and a balcony It offers a suggestive view all across Catania from the two horizontal windows. Max 4 persons.

Baita del camino. The name comes from the lava stone fireplace built by our ancestors, element that still constitutes the center of the cabin. It is made of an open space with kitchen, living room and bathroom. On the ground floor, there is a bedroom with dedicated bathroom, outside a large balcony. Max 4 persons.

Nido del Chiuzzo. From there you can listen to the Chiuzzo that lives in the woods. More discrete, it is made of an open space with a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a large external balcony. Max 3 persons.

via Algerazzi, 27, 95010, Milo (Caselle)
+39 3334966551