The diner-pizzeria “Profumi dell’Etna”, located near contrada Montarsi, was born in 2006 from the deep passion for cookery of Mrs Rosalba, which with love and dedication brings back in her dishes the ancient Sicilian traditions; like the Stocco alla Messinese or the legumes, specialty in the more rigid seasons.

At the site, as well as the typical dishes, it is possible to also eat exceptional pizzas, cooked in the coal oven, with high quality ingredients and a long rising dough.

A place where you can eat healthy and in abundance and where you can lose yourself in the wonders of nature that our beloved Etna has gifted us.
In the summertime, it is possible to have lunch or dinner in the diner’s outdoor balcony.

Strada Provinciale Milo Linguaglossa, 15, Montarsi, 95010 Milo.
+39 340 691 2307