Tenute di Nuna

Wine-making company.

Via Milo-Linguaglossa, n°3 95010 Sant'Alfio (CT).

Barone di Villagrande

We believe that the environment that surrounds us is the most valuable heritage that we own and our goal has always been to work in full respect of its delicate balances.

Our intervention is limited to assisting the plant first, and then the grapes, in an emotional path. The wines that come to life in our winery are the expression of the territory, of the vineyard, of the year.

We are also aware that the man with its doing, its choices, its wise guide, is able, with the help of nature, to create something unique and delicious. Behind the elegance and the scent of our wines is hidden all our experience, out land, our pride.

Via del Bosco 25, 95010 Milo.
+39 095 7082175

Cantina Benanti

Farm of roughly 8 hectares of terraced vineyard and entirely cultivated in Carricante, with a gazebo and two rural buildings in lava stone for future tastings (from 2019) and wide historic farmhouse equipped with cooper for future reception, once started and completed the phase of restoration.

Contrada Rinazzo, via V. Bellini 78, 95010 Milo.
+39 393 2579365

Palmento Caselle - I Vigneri

The Palmento Caselle of Milo is a wine-making company for the production of the Etna’s White Superior a DOC. In about 9 hectares are produced Carricante, hazelnuts, apples and cherries.

The cultivation of the vineyard is carried out with the ancient system of the Etna’s tree in terraced land with drywall. In the ancient winery, Palmento, the wine-making and bottling are done.

In October, the traditional and typical wine making is once again done in the ancient Palmento for the production of wine.

Visits and tasting for small groups are organized, exclusively by appointment.

Via Abate, 3 - Caselle 95010 Milo
+39 3666622591